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Data Acquisition Device

Canary is a mobile (GPRS) enabled data acquisition and control device. It has been designed to be both cost effective and easy to install. As a mobile device, Canary works independently of a building’s IT network and can therefore be installed in almost any building or location


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Remote Lighting & HVAC Control

EnACT: Energy Controls enables managers of single and multi-site organisations to take remote control of environmental equipment. Managers simply login to the online application and create schedules for days, weeks, months and even years ahead.

Lighting & HLVAC

ResourceKraft’s experience in energy management since 2007 
has lead us to deep insights in sustaining ENERGY ENGAGEMENT across all channels. Our experience has thought us that information & access alone 
do not sustain ENGAGEMENT.

“With the information provided by ResourceKraft Advisor, it became possible to institute load management procedures to prevent major outages and increase energy efficiency.”