Summer/Winter reset

Current Must-Do List for Facility Managers

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The summer/winter reset is upon us again, and companies can now look to set up scheduled reset timers and reprogram their hours of operation. For companies operating in temperate climates, this is the perfect time to take advantage of changing weather conditions and reduce energy waste. Building managers, it is time to re-think the foolish obedience of BMS schedules. Long, …

ISO 50001 and Grants Overview

ISO 50001 – complying with Energy Audit deadline

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Ireland’s Energy Audit Scheme (EAS) has focussed large companies on the completion of high quality energy audits by 05th December 2015, to avoid a Class A fine (large company means 250+ employees, or €50m turnover and a balance sheet of €43+m). An energy audit aims to identify energy savings opportunities –which when acted upon reduce operating costs and increase profit. …

Water Meter

Water, water everywhere! – Part 2

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Following on from our introductory feature on water meters, in this episode I would like to introduce some of the technologies that are the backbone of these networks, these are the data acquisition/communication systems. So what are our options for data acquisition in water metering? Below are some of the options we will explore in this article: We’ll take a …

Measurement & Verification Banner

Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings (M&V)

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The Measurement and Verification process should provide a record of savings made in a project and is commonly used in the validation of savings delivered by energy conservation measures (ECMs). This may be required to provide an auditable process to prove savings to the financiers of the project, such as your organisations Financial Controller, the finance house, energy performance contractor, …

Carrying out an Energy Site Survey

Carrying Out an Energy Site Survey

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An energy survey is an on-site technical investigation of the supply, use and management of energy which is used to identify energy saving measures. Below is a list of steps in the process of carrying out an energy survey and audit. An energy survey is an on-site technical investigation of the supply, use and management of energy which is used …

Water Meter

Water, water everywhere! – Part 1

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Water metering has never been so topical, but the practical issues on (or under) the ground are interesting and varied. What I have for you today is a selection of some of the more interesting challenges you might face in the effort to get your water metering data on to an automated energy management system. Often, one of the greatest …

ResourceKraft Annual Subscription

The secret behind RK Annual Subscriptions

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One of our core mission is to make sure that our customers are well trained and fully understand our products. The RK Team is constantly improving the experience of their customers by providing top quality customer care as it is an essential part of our business. We have recruited the best engineers in Ireland and we have a dedicated support …

Energy Waste Management Banner

How can you tackle energy waste?

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The costs of energy is usually after staff and raw materials and is the highest cost of operating a business. The majority of business owners and managers just accept what the cost is. We have carried out a detailed survey and found some very interesting results: Having a different approach to energy consumption and changing how we operate to reduce …

Gas Skid

Understanding Your Utility Bill: Natural Gas (Ireland only)

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Following on from my post on understanding your electricity bill, here we aim to improve your understanding of your Irish Natural Gas bills. The first step when comparing any bill is to check the billing period, as the number of billing days in each month vary having an effect on your bottom line, often you will find with gas bills …