Are government bodies energy wasters?

Are government bodies complete wasters when it comes to energy?

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There is a perception out there that government and state agencies are inefficient with regard to energy management. Educational, state commercial and local government bodies, consisting of 62% of the energy use considered under NEEAP, lead the way with an overall 19.4% reduction, pulling up the numbers for all the rest. The emphasis on achieving ISO 50001 certification by most …

Manage energy for profit

Manage Energy for Profit

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With the advent of mandatory energy audits for large businesses during 2015; many large companies have been surprised to see how large the transport energy footprint is in their audit reports, which for the first time included transport. In energy terms, 1 litre of diesel is roughly 10kWh, so when you look at the Litres or Euros, fuel does not …

24 Hours data in manufacturing industry

24 hours of Data – Part 2

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This investigation was conducted on the Main Incomer for the site, which meant that the reactive (inductive) load could be separately monitored. The reactive loads are important because they cause the current to become out of phase with the voltage. It is the consumer who will pay for the additional current required for inductive electrical loads. Over the course of …

24 Hours data in manufacturing industry

24 hours of Data – Part 1

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Historically, energy analysis has always been time consuming. It required one to undertake hours of data collection over the period of a day, week or even a year. Once data was collected, one could then convert all consumption data into useable standard units i.e. kWh. At this point, data analysis could take place which would involve the production of percentage …

King & Moffatt and ResourceKraft

A €3.8 million deal between King & Moffatt and ResourceKraft

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On the picture, from left to right: Gerry Swan, ResourceKraft Sales & Marketing Director and Pat King, King & Moffatt CEO. Today King & Moffatt announced a major new strategic partnership with ResourceKraft. The new alliance will catapult King & Moffatt into the Energy Arena. With companies in Ireland and in the UK having the ESOS and S.I 426 EU …

Wireless white paper

Wireless White Paper

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Need real time information on your water, oil, gas, heat, steam or electrical use and finding access an issue? Fed up with climbing down manholes or up access shafts just to read meters? How do you reduce risks and obtain the quality of data I need? How do other organisations such as Aer Lingus, Architectural & Metal Systems, The Defence …

Summer/Winter reset

Current Must-Do List for Facility Managers

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The summer/winter reset is upon us again, and companies can now look to set up scheduled reset timers and reprogram their hours of operation. For companies operating in temperate climates, this is the perfect time to take advantage of changing weather conditions and reduce energy waste. Building managers, it is time to re-think the foolish obedience of BMS schedules. Long, …

ISO 50001 and Grants Overview

ISO 50001 – complying with Energy Audit deadline

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Ireland’s Energy Audit Scheme (EAS) has focussed large companies on the completion of high quality energy audits by 05th December 2015, to avoid a Class A fine (large company means 250+ employees, or €50m turnover and a balance sheet of €43+m). An energy audit aims to identify energy savings opportunities –which when acted upon reduce operating costs and increase profit. …

Water Meter

Water, water everywhere! – Part 2

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Following on from our introductory feature on water meters, in this episode I would like to introduce some of the technologies that are the backbone of these networks, these are the data acquisition/communication systems. So what are our options for data acquisition in water metering? Below are some of the options we will explore in this article: We’ll take a …

Measurement & Verification Banner

Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings (M&V)

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The Measurement and Verification process should provide a record of savings made in a project and is commonly used in the validation of savings delivered by energy conservation measures (ECMs). This may be required to provide an auditable process to prove savings to the financiers of the project, such as your organisations Financial Controller, the finance house, energy performance contractor, …