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Analysis and reporting of energy data for EHS, facilities management and engineers. Make financial and process decisions to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon.

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ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Monitoring and Management Software System is an online subscription-based energy management and sustainability system. Advisor is used by large enterprise and industrial organisations serious about energy management, carbon reduction programs, ISO 50001 or IPMVP energy certification.

Advisor energy monitoring software is installed internationally in pharmaceutical manufacturing, aerospace, military, education, healthcare, steel and plastics manufacturing, building facilities management and food processing sectors.

Advisor Energy Monitoring Software gathers, processes and analyses energy data from meters and third-party systems and converts it into business information, enabling organisations to understand how and where energy is being consumed at any given time across all sites.

Energy Monitoring and Tracking Systems

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Why is a Monitoring and Management Software System Essential?

If you can’t measure energy, you can’t manage it. Managers typically try to control energy costs by comparing utility bills. Utility bills contain two valuable pieces of information: Energy used and Costs incurred, but they leave out the Who, What, Where, When and Why of energy usage.

ResourceKraft Advisor is a cloud-based energy data analytics tool. Advisor energy monitoring software allows you to analyse energy data by organisation or site at 15-minute intervals in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly views. View all metered circuits in graphical or tabular format and with attractive charting with zoom features for detailed analysis.

Advisor energy management enables organisations to measure and manage energy and carbon. It allows organisations to generate reports, set targets, measure and validate savings, and drive management decisions to reduce energy costs and meet carbon commitments.

Advisor energy monitoring software saves staff time during the ISO 50001 compliance, management and certification process. Advisor energy monitoring and management software allows you to identify energy savings opportunities. Set baselines and create Energy Performance Indicators - EnPI / Key Performance Indicators KPI. Create targets types such as regression analysis and alert parameters for stakeholders to which to act. Advisor comes packed with energy management reports that drive energy savings programs. Advisor public display dashboards generate awareness at team and senior management level.

Identify, at a glance, the poorest performing parts of your organisation, enabling fast detection of issues. Compare and cost equipment efficiencies such as poorly calibrated motors and their effect on the speed and cost of production.

Go beyond monthly mains billing and break-down costs by circuit. Identify and alert out of hours consumption, equipment failure and breaches in operating procedure that can trigger expensive maximum-import-capacity charges on your electricity bill.

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How our energy monitoring & management system works

Advisor monitors electricity, water, gas, oil, Carbon, Heat and  more. Advisor monitors electricity, water, gas, oil, Carbon, Heat and  more.
The system monitors electricity, water, gas, oil, heat and steam via ResourceKraft and third-party meters. The system also supports environmental sensors such as temperature and humidity.
Smart meter data from an array of Industrial control systems (ICS), including BMS/BEMS, SCADA and AMR systems can also be logged.
Data can be imported into the system such as external KPI factors and our unmetered data & data can be manually or automatically exported.

Advisor energy monitoring and management software accesses the data over a secure connection, encrypted and authenticated.

Energy data is stored on cloud servers.

Advisor sends scheduled reports to stakeholders.

Advisor sends alerts of faults, anomalies improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Data is transmitted to a server over a wireless cellular network securely via ResourceKraft Canary data logger.

10 Benefits of Energy Monitoring Systems

  • Real-time and historical energy consumption data.

  • Automatic monitoring 24/7/365, no manual meter readings.

  • Alerts of equipment failure, target breaches and out-of-hours consumption etc.

  • A portfolio of out-of-the-box automated smart energy reports in excel or pdf.

  • Energy analytics dashboard to measure and verify savings, report carbon GHG emissions and identify and diagnose inefficiencies.

  • Integrates as standard via Modbus or Pulse to any meters and sensors.

  • Acquires meter data from an array of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), including BMS, BEMS, SCADA and AMR systems.

  • Secure air-gapped cellular, anonymised data transmission, GDPR compliant, custom-locked IoT & upto 256-bit SSL.

  • Unlimited users and user access permissions controls.

  • Email, phone and on-line training support.

Software Features

Energy Analysis

Identify, at a glance, the poorest performing parts of your organisation enabling fast detection of issues. This can be done through advanced visualisation tools such as energy maps, heat maps, cost maps, regression analysis and baseload analytics.

Public Dashboards

Generating staff engagement with energy management programs is the hardest challenge companies often have to tackle. Unlike a gushing tap wasted energy often goes unseen. Advisor energy monitoring dashboards put business unit performance in front of the team and provide live easy to understand color coded metrics for the team to monitor.

Automated Reports

Advisor comes as standard with a full suite of automated management reports. These reports can be selected and customised to be operational based – focused on kWh usage, financial based – focused on costs and cost savings or a mixture of both. Custom reports can be developed to match specific formats.

White Label Branding

Customise Advisor energy monitoring software with your own corporate branding and colours. Public display dashboards, reports and alert emails have more authority and engagement when branded in your own corporate identity.


Measure your carbon and compare against a previous period. Track your performance towards your net zero carbon goals. Report the carbon emissions details for your organisation on a per datasource basis.

Average Minimum and Maximum

Analyse your average minimum and maximum values on data sources for a selected date range. Plot baseload, average consumption and max consumption. Identify inefficient usage patterns across your chosen time-series.


Targets help you stay on track for your companyʼs goals. You can create different types of targets and view them under the data viewer chart. Fixed Targets are fixed values that are compared against total daily, weekly or monthly usage. Relative Targets are percentages of some time in the past that 'move' with the information (e.g. 'no more than 80% of this day last month'). Day Profile Targets are daily hour-by-hour patterns generated by an analysis of past data.


Alerts can be set up to monitor different parts of your system and notify users and non-users via email and SMS that the alert has been triggered. Threshold Alerts monitor the instantaneous value of any datasource. When this value exceeds the specified threshold the alert is triggered. Zero Consumption Alerts allow you to monitor for zero usage on a circuit. These alerts can be useful for detecting when important loads fail or when circuit breakers trip.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are values used to track performances against business objectives. (e.g. electricity per units sold or electricity per occupants). KPIs measure the improvement or deterioration in the performance of an activity critical to the success of your business. KPIs empower management and operations teams with the information they need to make financial and process decisions to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Bill Verification

Verify your utility bill kWh consumption by comparing it with metered data from Advisor energy monitoring and management software system and resolve billing overcharging from your utility supplier. Easily identify discrepancies, generate reports as evidence so you only pay for what you use.

Hardware Integration

ResourceKraft energy monitoring is hardware agnostic, and integrates as standard via Modbus or Pulse to energy meters and sensors - electricity, water, oil, gas, heat, temperature, humidity, etc.


ResourceKraft measurement of electricity, fuel oil, gas and water provides empirical data. Knowledge has given us the ability to speak with authority to internal stakeholders and confirm CRC carbon tax liabilities.
Group Facilities & Energy Manager, Bank of Ireland
The ResourceKraft system is so effective that we expect to use the technology in our sister plants, in Europe, over the coming months.
EHS Manager, Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies
Previously we were unaware of our breaches in our Maximum Import Capacity KVA level until we received the utility bill and discovered the penalties applied by our supplier of course it was too late to react then.
Once we began to use the information from ResourceKraft Advisor, we saw a 20% reduction in electricity usage in 12 months. A year later John Crane Ireland became the first site in Smiths Group plc to achieve ISO 50001, and four years on we’re still seeing incremental cost improvements.


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