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In recent years, like other retail companies Bank of Ireland have focused on outsourcing of facilities management in order to reduce cost, however energy has remained an un-managed cost. Investments in bank energy monitoring and analysis will increase the effectiveness of business operation activities. A target of €450,000 is savings bank energy monitoring was set for the first year.

Bank energy monitoring: 8-10% Energy Savings & 92% ROI in 1st year


Bank of Ireland became the first financial institution in Europe to have attained external certification to ISO50001/EN16001. ResourceKraft Advisor has provided comprehensive auditable carbon data for these ends.

bank energy monitoring Meeting

Bernard Higgins, Bank of Ireland’s Group Facilities Manager, Liam Relihan, CEO of ResourceKraft, Frank Casey, Vice-President Business Development ResourceKraft

Utility cost management:

Bank of Ireland required a system that provides continuous detail on actual electricity, gas, water and oil use. For the reason that this allows reconciliation against bills received, identifying discrepancies, ensuring BoI pay only for what they use.

To maintain top-level support and service expected of a world-class financial institution in certain areas such as banking, where security and safekeeping are absolutely essential, it was important to be able to count on guaranteed reliability, robustness and efficiency.

Find out more about the whole bank energy monitoring project by reading Neil Cubley's (from Bank of Ireland) blog here.

Bank energy monitoring across 250 sites

Report Card:


  • Make energy savings
  • Reduce carbon & meet sustainability targets
  • Manage utility costs
  • Maintain top-level support & service expected of a world-class financial institution
  • Engage staff and management at all levels
  • Manage energy across a diverse estate
“We are set to achieve our savings targets with just branch out-of-hours electricity savings alone. We cannot control utility price increases. What we can control is our use and the costs associated with that.”
“ResourceKraft 15 minute interval measurements from electricity, fuel oil, gas and water provides empirical data. Knowledge has given us the ability to speak with authority to the internal stakeholders”
“It makes absolute business sense, ResourceKraft is delivering control of energy and water costs, like ERP does on managing our other business costs.”BERNARD HIGGINS, GROUP FACILITIES & ENERGY MANAGER

“ResourceKraft measurement of Electricity, Fuel Oil, Gas and Water provides empirical data. Knowledge has given us the ability to speak with authority to internal stakeholders and confirm CRC carbon tax liabilities.” Bernard Higgins, Group Facilities & Energy Manager

Moving forward in energy management:

Bank of Ireland will exceed its energy savings goals in year one of the project. Furthermore the ResourceKraft system will be revenue positive in year two.

The facilitation of a clean environment and effective environmental protection is a fundamental aspect of good business operations. Hence BoI is committed to deliver to the environmental standard ISO50001.

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