About Us

We Unravel Energy Data

ResourceKraft specialises in technology-driven end-to-end solutions, designed to assist organisations transform their approach to energy management and turn energy data into business opportunity.

Our Story

ResourceKraft is leading the convergence of big data and energy to address the demands of the rapidly changing energy market. We specialise in technology-driven, end-to-end, hardware and software solutions designed to assist organisations, to measure and manage their energy usage.

ResourceKraft was founded in Limerick, by CEO Liam Relihan and Frank Casey in 2007. The company is built upon a foundation of experience in the electronics, computing and energy industries. From its Limerick headquarters, ResourceKraft delivers innovative smart energy solutions to over 100 large clients globally. ResourceKraft’s products and solutions help companies to transform their approach to energy management enabling them to make smart energy decisions.

ResoureKraft’s team of experts, design and deliver complete energy data solutions from hardware specification right through to software analytics and custom reporting, using standard or bespoke solutions and specific to your business needs.

Why ResourceKraft

  • Data From Anywhere!

    Meters in obscure locations? Diverse systems recording diverse information? No worries! At ResourceKraft, we can pull data from all of your systems and gather it together into one software system, ready to analyse.

  • Robust Data Quality!

    ResourceKraft employs robust data acquisition methods results in high levels of data integrity providing energy data you can trust, that is why so many high-end multinational companies use our products.

  • Measure Anything!

    Whatever it is you need to measure; ResourceKraft has a solution. From helium to nitrogen to humidity and temperature and everything in between.

  • Experience & Expertise!

    ResourceKraft has been designing and creating energy solutions for over a decade now. The knowledge and expertise gained in that time is unparalleled in the energy industry.

  • Proven Technology!

    ResourceKraft’s systems are proven in the most challenging of environments. We have customers in pharma, food processing, continuous manufacturing , retail, government and more.

Our Customers

We’re proud to work with large energy users across the following sectors:
education, commercial, industrial, medical, government agencies and utilities. Here are just a few: 

ResourceKraft measurement of electricity, fuel oil, gas and water provides empirical data. Knowledge has given us the ability to speak with authority to internal stakeholders and confirm CRC carbon tax liabilities.
Group Facilities & Energy Manager, Bank of Ireland
The ResourceKraft system is so effective that we expect to use the technology in our sister plants, in Europe, over the coming months.
EHS Manager, Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies
Previously we were unaware of our breaches in our Maximum Import Capacity KVA level until we received the utility bill and discovered the penalties applied by our supplier of course it was too late to react then.
Once we began to use the information from ResourceKraft Advisor, we saw a 20% reduction in electricity usage in 12 months. A year later John Crane Ireland became the first site in Smiths Group plc to achieve ISO 50001, and four years on we’re still seeing incremental cost improvements.