Good power quality increases efficiencies by saving you time and money, prolonging equipment life, increasing uptime and enhancing safety and compliance. Power quality issues, on the other hand, erode efficiencies resulting in a drain on your organisations bottom line.

ResourceKraft’s Resolve is designed specifically to analyse power quality in a precise and scalable manner, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. It's power quality made simple.


Features & Benefits

  • Web-based Power Quality analysis and real-time metering system for the enterprise
  • Supports the deployment of between 1 and 1,000 high-end power quality analysers, at multiple locations in your business
  • Ability to query millions of power quality events across your whole estate in just seconds
  • Report on kW, kVar, amps, PF, harmonics, kWh and much more
  • All communications via secure 4G LTE independent of your IT infrastructure
  • Share the data across your organisation with multiple logins
  • Product reports conforming to EN 50160
  • Cycle loads and see the result on screen instantaneously
  • Diverse options for long term data storage and analysis, ranging from 1 week through to infinite
  • Integration with ResourceKraft’s Advisor Energy Analytics solutions

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