Canary DA is a data logger gateway, designed to acquire, process and communicate energy and environmental data. The system contains an embedded computer, communications and data acquisition hardware.
Canary Data Logger


Canary DA is a data acquisition gateway designed to acquire, process & communicate energy and environmental data in the most reliable manner. Canary DA can acquire data from MODBUS RTU slave devices and obtain analog meter signals & control external electrical loads through its add-on modules.


The system is designed to be extremely robust and reliable and will store over 30 days of energy data should communications to our servers be interrupted. Our protocols will ensure this data is transmitted once communications are re-established, thus safeguarding against customer data loss.

Canary DA runs ResourceKraft’s own RKDAP software and is designed to operate with the ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Analytics software.

ResourceKraft's Energy Management System

ResourceKraft's Energy Management System

Features & Benefits

  • Can interface with energy meters and environmental sensors
  • Communication via Ethernet port or GPRS/UMTS network
  • Independent of existing IT Networks
  • Capable of supporting custom software applications
  • Compatible with a range of external antennas
  • High reliability with integrated hardware
  • DIN-rail and wall mounting options
  • DC supply

No VENDOR lock-in. Compatible with third-party meters & monitoring software.

Supports all energy and fuel meters with dry contact pulse outputs (IEC 62053-31). Support for a range of popular MODBUS RTU slave devices is embedded in the firmware – contact us for more details. For gas meters, a separate optoisolation device is required in some cases.