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You need an EMS Energy Management System with suggestions and reporting.
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ISO 50001 - Advisor Energy Analytics will enable you to meet the demands of certification:

You need a robust Energy Management System (EnMS) in order to adequately measure, record and reduce energy consumption efficiently.

Advisor’s intuitive user interface means that energy management is not just for experts. See below how our list of features can help you develop best practice.

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Key Performance Indicators

The ISO 50001 guidance document requires “at defined intervals, the organisation shall monitor, measure and record significant energy consumption and associated energy factors” .“The organisation shall, in each practicable instance, establish the relationship between energy consumption and its associated energy factors and shall, at defined intervals, assess actual versus expected energy consumption.”

Advisor’s KPI feature allows users to measure consumption against production according to ISO guidelines.

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Public Display

The ISO 50001 guidance document states “The organization shall identify and manage non-conformance, initiating corrective and preventative action in a suitable manner within a specified time limit. The organization shall retain all relevant documentation in accordance with legal and/or documented time frames”

In order to define, monitor and manage energy non-conformance within your organisation ResourceKraft has developed “Events” as a feature of Advisor. Advisor will notify the administrator and provide detailed analytics of the location, time, type and measure of non-conformance giving you the answers you need meet ISO compliance and certification.

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The ISO 50001 guidance document requires “All records kept should be legible, identifiable, traceable and readily retrievable. These records should support the processes of the energy management system.”

Advisor provides users with detailed reports that can be downloaded in a wide range of file formats. This solution saves users time and provides consistent data that adheres to ISO 50001.


The ISO 50001 guidance document requires “Energy objectives, targets and programme(s).” Advisor allow its users to setup targets within their organisation. This allows users comply with ISO 50001 by monitoring and giving charted feed back of their progress towards their chosen reduction target.


The ISO 50001 guidance document requires “Energy objectives, targets and programme(s).” Advisor allows the set-up of Alerts. Alerts can be used in conjunction with Events as part if an advanced notifications system for monitoring the performance of your organisations energy performance.

Sub Meters

Advisor compiles with ISO 50001 certification requirements by allowing users to use sub metering in order to differentiate different metric providers.
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