Case Study:



Since 2009, Thomond Park has been working to reduce the environmental impact of managing the stadium by participating in an environmental project to conserve energy, waste and water. Part of this project involved the implementation of an energy analytics software solution in the stadium, resulting in better stadium energy monitoring.


Thomond Park selected ResourceKraft’s Energy Analytics Software solution as its standard platform. The solution would allow the park to meet its goals by implementing three ‘smart meters’ in the east and west stands. The web-based energy management cost-control stadium energy monitoring system gathers, processes and analyses energy data from the meters and converts it into business information, enabling the park to understand how and where energy is being consumed at any given time across all sites.

It also enables the park to incorporate key performance indicators, set targets, generate reports and involve management and staff in making informed energy-management decisions in the drive to further reduce energy costs and meet carbon commitments.

Thomond Park’s energy analytics software solution allows staff to monitor electricity use and make financial and process decisions about reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the stadium.

Thomond Park Stadium is the home ground of Munster Rugby, one of the most successful and best-supported rugby clubs in the world. The famous venue, renowned for its unique history and atmosphere, has been redeveloped and now boasts an increased capacity of 25,600, plus an extensive range of conference and banqueting facilities that have further enhanced its reputation.

Thomand Park Advison Energy Management Software Solution

“We required a system that would provide continuous detail on actual electricity use. We didn’t have any means of monitoring our electricity usage and the absence of this type of data represented one of our biggest challenges.”


Report card:

  • Alerts monitored the stands
  • Data generated operational initiatives
  • Provided custom reports
  • Now monitoring lighting, air conditioning & refrigeration
  • Alerts for Max Thresholds

“With the data gathered and analysed, we could put a plan in motion to implement operational savings.”