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Advisor Energy Analytics FAQs

Answering questions on ResourceKraft’s Energy Monitoring System, its general use, settings and data in an accessible way with easy to follow instructions.

This page has been set up for you to fully experience all that Advisor Energy Analytics (Advisor) has to offer. Three different sections have been created to help you navigate through the system in a more efficient way. We hope you find all you need here to maximise your efforts towards reaching your energy goals.

Set Up Questions

• You can do this by contacting your site Administrator or by sending a password reset request to

Data Questions

• Often this is to do with GSM reception on site. Not to worry! Our nifty hardware will record the information being collected on site.
• When our data logger re-joins the network, it will transmit all of the data it has gathered so you won’t experience any loss. Another built in safety feature from ResourceKraft

General Questions

• Explore your Dataviewer to find out more about its functionality. Watch this tutorial to find our more.
• If you don’t like your Datasource names, you have the power to change them as you please.
• Try creating a virtual Datasource or two. By adding or subtracting real Datasources, you can create new ones without having to physically metering them.
• Perhaps some extra users on the system might be useful, this way you can have a larger team collaborate with you on projects.
• Should you ever need to do any of the above, check out this great tutorial for the Setup section of Advisor.
• Next time we will discuss some ideas on automating the system