Case Study:

Hotel's energy cost reduction

energy cost reduction

Fitzgeralds Woodlands is a four star Hotel & Spa. Located on 40 acres of private grounds, situated near Adare village Co. Limerick. The hotel holds 89 rooms, fine dining restaurant, bistro and large bar area, along with a fully equipped leisure centre. The Revas Spa is also on the grounds of the hotel (9,830 m2) with 18 treatment rooms, complete with a beauty, nail and hair salon. The Hotel employs a team of 150 people.

The Woodlands House Hotel & Spa has been committed to reducing its energy consumption and carbon footprint through innovative techniques. Consequently promoting a greener community within Adare and the wider Limerick Area. In recent years, the hotel has been backed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to carry out energy cost reduction projects. This aims to reinvest the savings achieved by these projects, into improving the hotel’s overall efficiency and eco-friendliness.


The hotel produces part of its heat and energy requirement through a ‘Combined heat and power system’ (CHP) on site, which is run on natural gas. As a result the hotel was spending on average €140k – €145k on electricity alone each year.

Solution for energy cost reduction:

The energy cost reduction project has been divided into different phases. First of all Conor Fitzgerald, Woodlands Hotel’s Facilities manager, selected, managed and monitored each of the projects completed. A list of projects would have been selected each year and the most cost effective projects were selected. It all started in December 2009, when ResourceKraft’s Advisor Energy Cost Control system was installed by their onsite electrician. The installation process took a total of 1 1⁄2 man days and required no down time. The system was fully deployed in January 2010. In 2012, due to the recession, the Hotel had to implement energy cost reduction without reducing the level of comfort and service the guest had come to expect. Advisor monitors 5 electricity sections in the Hotel: the mains electricity, Revas Spa, Leisure Centre, Kitchen, Restaurant and the Bedrooms. The objectives were to reduce the cost spent on energy bills without affecting the service or comfort of the hotel. Finally the Hotel recently added 5 pulse meters to monitor gas usage and trusts that by setting specific goals. Woodlands will reach their new KPIs.

"The objectives were to reduce the cost spent on energy bills without affecting the service or comfort of the hotel."CONOR FITZGERALD, FACILITIES MANAGER, WOODLANDS HOTEL

Report Card:

  • The Fitzgerald Woodlands gained competitive insights on how to reduce energy usage
  • Advisor monitors costs and provides energy reports to management
  • Alerts trigger before usage problems occur
  • Tariff analysis helped compare the market for a more competitive rate
‘’After the project, we achieved a total annual saving of €60,000, which represents a saving of 460,000 KWh’’CONOR FITZGERALD, FACILITIES MANAGER, WOODLANDS HOTEL
“If you can’t measure you can’t prove you saved. Thanks to Resourcekraft we do both”. CONOR FITZGERALD, FACILITIES MANAGER, WOODLANDS HOTEL