Biomass: The Benefits of Anaerobic Digesters

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Ireland is currently the 2nd worst performing country in Europe when it comes to tackling greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. Only about 9% of our energy is coming from renewable sources. With the prospect of hefty fines on the horizon from the EU for not meeting our 2020 carbon reduction target of 20%, there is a growing need …

cloud software developer

Cloud Software Developer

Rachel McNamara Careers with ResourceKraft - Energy Industry, News & Updates

ResourceKraft is now recruiting a Software Developer to work on our cloud-based energy monitoring and analysis software at its Limerick offices. ResourceKraft is looking for passionate self-learners who are flexible, hardworking and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. An ideal candidate should be fluent in multiple software languages and technologies with the ability to choose “the right tool …

Embedded Applications Developer

Rachel McNamara Careers with ResourceKraft - Energy Industry, News & Updates

ResourceKraft develops incredible web-based systems and applications which help businesses save millions on energy costs. Its embedded devices are currently running at thousands of locations worldwide. ResourceKraft is now recruiting a passionate Embedded Applications Developer to work at its Limerick offices. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing multiple embedded systems that will be deployed worldwide to help eliminate …

The Carbon Tax Increase: What You Should Know

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Carbon Tax increase The Carbon Tax was introduced a number of years ago in order to reduce people’s reliance on fossil fuels for everyday things. The logic is if fossil fuels are more expensive people will find more ways of reducing their need for them. The tax before the 8th October 2019 was €20 per tonne of CO2 emitted. This …

Irish Water Announce New System for Non-Domestic Water Charges

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It has recently been announced by Irish water that there will be changes in water charges for Non-Domestic Customers. At present, there is a varying range of non-domestic tariff levels, tariff categories, methodologies, applications, billing arrangements and billing cycles across the country.  Under the current system, charges are complex, not transparent and potentially inequitable. The proposed, new system introduces harmonised …

Data Analytics Process

Data Analytics & Application in the Energy Sector

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Attended a lecture this evening at Engineers Ireland by Jennifer Jennings, a data scientist at ESB (Irelands main Electric utility). She dropped some good understandings on us regarding ESB’s use of data analytics/data science/machine learning to solve problems of interest to energy utilities. Particularly of interest, was their approach to detection of partial discharges for power line fault detection. In …

Cork County Council Case Study

ResourceKraft helps Cork County Council achieve ISO 50001 certification

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Cork County Council was the first local authority to achieve ISO 50001 Certification. The council’s energy portfolio consists of several Significant Energy Users (SEU’s), which includes three directly managed swimming pools and a large county hall building with 17 floors, laboratories and area offices.  Due to the large nature of these SEU’s Cork County Council found it quite difficult to …

EXEED Programme Logo

What is the EXEED Programme? And Where Does ResourceKraft Come in?

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EXEED is a certified programme from the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) that applies an Energy Efficient Design Management framework to optimize energy performance and management. The aim of this programme is to help business’s improve energy efficiency and reduce cost. A fund of up to €6 million is available for projects delivering best practice in the design, construction …

Ronan Moriarty at Resourcekraft stand at pharmaceutical event

Ronan Moriarty Speaks at the Future in Pharmaceuticals Event

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Our Energy Expert Ronan Moriarty spoke at the Future in Pharmaceuticals event on May 1st in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. Ronan spoke about Baselines & Key Performance Indicators (KPI), why they’re important and how to use them, among other things. Speaking about the event Ronan said, “I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Future in Pharmaceuticals conference run by …

Blue Energy Management graph

Tableau: Business Intelligence Software for your Advisor Data

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Advisor Energy Monitoring Software acquires and analyses energy usage data from energy meters and converts it into management information. Real-time energy data can be visualised as easily understood charts, graphs and maps. Users can create targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and automated reports to plan, measure and track efficiency increases. Tableau software offers interactive data visualisation dashboards and reports focused …