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The Energy Monitoring System powered by ResourceKraft

Energy Monitoring is ResourceKraft’s core business

The company developed and designed a user friendly energy monitoring software to meet all of your energy saving needs. It provides you with live and historical energy data through interactive charts, smart reports & emotive dashboards that use behavioural science to change energy consumption behaviour. Data is accessible, easy to understand and easy to use for anybody within an organisation. It can be viewed in many different ways and can be scaled on any devices as tablets, mobile phones, dashboards and laptops. This is achieved through the implementation of responsive design, and will not restrict energy users to sit at their desk to monitor their energy consumption. For monitoring and comparison purposes, the data can also be compared for two periods of time using the calendar.

ResourceKraft will empower your businesses and allow you to manage and reduce energy costs. You will be able to take back control of your energy spend by choosing how and when you want to receive the data.

Our energy management software is being installed worldwide in major multinational companies as well as SMEs. Government bodies such as the OPW and the Defence Forces also rely upon our system for their day to day operation of energy services.