Energy Monitoring and Energy Management Software

We provide our customers with comprehensive Energy Management Systems (EnMS) that are intuitive and easy to use by all levels and skillsets, ideal for Energy Monitoring and Management as well as for ISO 50001 implementers.

We measure and monitor your Electricity, Gas, Oil, Heat, Steam, Water, Gasses and Temperature use and their cost in real-time:
• Utilising Wireless HWM VHF, GSM/GPRS/3G and SigFox technologies to provide a true IOT solution over a private network that is independent of your IT systems.
• Reducing risk and delays and guaranteeing quick access anywhere it is required.

We take singular responsibility for all the required hardware, energy monitoring, communications and software you need, integrate it into a ‘ready to go’ EnMS solution and provide continuous commissioning of the network as an ongoing service. Our intuitive Energy Monitoring and Management Software is used by staff at all levels. It will automatically issue all your required cost, use and KPI reports in €/$/£, kWh and CO². You can set alerts and alarms that will automatically be delivered to you when you need it. Ask any of our Blue-Chip customers, where we have been proven in the toughest of environments.

Our customers are Commercial Building Operators, Retail, Commercial and Government offices, Universities and Colleges, Manufacturing Industry, Transport industries, Telecommunications and Military who are world leading implementers of ISO 50001.

Our Customers

We’re proud to work with large energy users across the following sectors: education, commercial, industrial, medical, government agencies and utilities. Here are just a few: