Data Integrity Services

Safeguarding your energy data.

Data-driven energy management can only ever be as good as the quality of the data. Meter & acquisition hardware need to be continually monitored and maintained to ensure overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. 

This can be a challenge for organisations with expanding sites and workforces and can result in stretched resources and competing priorities. That is why ResourceKraft provides a suite of expert energy services to assist in ensuring complete data integrity for your business.

  • Meter Gap Analysis

    ResourceKraft’s Meter Gap Analysis service enables a growing organisation to stay on top of resource & meter management. ResourceKraft will conduct a complete gap analysis and provide a full report on the status of existing metering, the gaps in metering and a proposal on the priority areas to meter and monitor going forward.

  • Hardware Validation Service

    ResourceKraft will complete a full validation of hardware and data acquisition devices in the field. This will involve checking all specified meters to ensure they are working correctly. A detailed report will be provided outlining the findings of the visit and proposed remedies where required.

  • Energy Engineer Monitoring & Reporting Service

    ResourceKraft’s energy engineers monitor your data and communication links to identify issues relating to data acquisition to ensure meter data is collected correctly. They will report on the status of equipment on a weekly basis. They will ensure that the software is configured correctly for each site, including ongoing assistance with the management of meters, users, and utility tariffs. They will also help to define, create, manage, and schedule the appropriate reports, targets and triggers specific to your needs.

  • Annual Inspection Service

    Offering you peace of mind and taking away the cumbersome task of managing and monitoring hardware. ResourceKraft will conduct an annual scheduled maintenance visit to complete a full meter validation. A report will be provided outlining the current status of meters onsite. In the case that any issues are discovered during the maintenance visit, a proposed solution for same will be included in the report.

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