Case Study:

Ingersoll Rand / Thermoking Europe.

Challanges of energy spend:

In the past, Ingersoll Rand had limited insight into their energy usage – just a monthly utility bill plus some 5 day old profile data from their main meter. There was no way to control and manage electricity consumption.


By using ResourceKraft Advisor to monitor their main meter and 14 of their top loads, management and staff were instantly able to identify the top consumers of electricity. Furthermore, they identified that:
  • Some work practices were resulting in excessive usage outside of normal operating hours
  • Timer and thermostat settings on various pieces of machinery were resulting in unnecessarily lengthy run times
  • On some production lines, a reduction in output did not result in a corresponding reduction in energy usage


  • Defined and allocated energy reduction targets in Advisor
  • Controllers were reprogrammed to be more energy efficient
  • KPIs (Key Process Indicators) were developed to better take account of changing production cycles. These KPIs enabled Advisor users to better measure progress against reduction targets
  • Work practices were redesigned to be more energy efficient
  • Advisor was used to engage with ordinary employees regarding their own energy-related behaviours

“ResourceKraft technology has enabled us to measure our top energy consumers and loads. These measurements allow us to target our reduction efforts to where they will give the greatest benefit and we have managed to reduce our overall energy consumption by 49% for the first quarter of the year.”


Report card:

  • The total site electricity consumption is trending towards a 56% year on year reduction
  • The manufacturing area’s electricity consumption is trending towards a 65% year on year reduction
  • The research & development area’s electricity consumption is trending towards a 10% year on year
  • Reduction, in spite of considerable increase in activities
  • The Energy Factor COGS KPI, a measure of the sites efficiency, is steadily reducing