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Advisor Energy Analytics FAQs

Answering questions on ResourceKraft’s Energy Monitoring System, its general use, settings and data in an accessible way with easy to follow instructions.

This page has been set up for you to fully experience all that Advisor Energy Analytics (Advisor) has to offer. Three different sections have been created to help you navigate through the system in a more efficient way. We hope you find all you need here to maximise your efforts towards reaching your energy goals.

Set Up Questions

• You can do this by contacting your site Administrator or by sending a password reset request to
Please answer the following questions so we can best help you with additional metering:
• Do you have a budget value in mind?
• When were you thinking of completing these works?
• How many meters were you thinking of adding to the system?
• What type of metering (i.e. Elec, Gas, Water)?
• Where are they located?
• Any other info would be beneficial
• Please contact with this information and one of our engineers will be able to help you further
• Contact the administrator for your Advisor system by emailing for details or by asking your Advisor manager
• ResourceKraft Admin users can simply navigate to the setup tab and click on “Users”
• Use this link to watch how to add users
• Use this link to watch how to add users to reports
• You can change this by navigating to the Setup section of your Advisor page. From here you can navigate to “My Settings”, where you will be allowed to change your preffered measurement units as displayed on Advisor
• This short video should help you navigate the Setup screen and change those settings
• Firstly, Alerts are located within the Setup Tab of the system
• They are used as an automated warning tool which aids people who wish to know more about their individual datasources and how exactly they are performing.
• One can set three different types of Alerts, for example a Max Threshold Alert. In this alert the user defines a set limit of usage (a threshold) for a particular datasource. If this is ever breached the user will then be notified either by email or SMS, depending upon their preference.
• All alerts triggered within the system are also placed into our events log file. The events log file contains triggered alerts as well as notes entered by the user.
• If you wish to know more, please view this handy training video which guides you through the uses of the Alerts and Events section.
• Yes, you can. You will simply need to send us your company’s logo and we can apply it to your system.
• Yes, you can. However, this is a paid service as we will need to customise the reports engine for you. If you wish to discuss this with us, simply email for further information and pricing.
• Depending on the Role you have been assigned to for your company’s Advisor account, you should be able to change datasource names by following these steps:
1. Go into Setup on the main menu bar
2. Select Datasources from the drop down menu
3. Select the Site that the datasource is under
4. Upon finding the datasource, go to actions and click the pencil symbol to edit
5. Change the datasource name and click submit
• If you are unable to edit, it is likely your selected “role” within the system may not be high enough. Ask your Administrator to send us the request to change your role to a higher level of access in Advisor. (Roles are as follows: User, Manager and Administrator)
• You can set up KPIs within the system to work directly with attributes that are already on the system, such as electricity or cost. Should you need to add in other factors to create the KPI, for example kg of product, or units produced, this is something that can also be done via the external factor creation section of the system. The following video should explain all that you need to know.

Data Questions

• Often this is to do with GSM reception on site. Not to worry! Our nifty hardware will record the information being collected on site.
• When our data logger re-joins the network, it will transmit all of the data it has gathered so you won’t experience any loss. Another built in safety feature from ResourceKraft
• The short answer is yes, but normally only for your Main Electrical incomer on site. You can provide us with your MPRN (which can be found on your bill), and from here we will contact the Utility supplier on your behalf. It is usual for people to get anywhere from 3-5 years of historical data.
• Why is this useful you might ask? Historical data allows you to create benchmarks and immediately compare current (monitored) data against the previous month’s or year’s data. It can also be used to project what usage you should expect to see for a given year and also help you define savings as well as any energy management projects you wish to implement.
• Should you have any queries on this, feel free to contact
• Yes, you can. We use MRSO data collected by the ESB to add large quantities of data to your sites Main Incomer. If you require this, please contact . If you have a datasource other than the sites Main ESB Incomer that you would like historical data uploaded to, please contact the above email address with your query to see if it is possible
• Yes, this is possible. You have three methods to do so:
1. It can be done by clicking the small excel dump link on the graph in the data viewer.
2. Navigating to “Data” and then to “Export Data” will also allow you to grab raw data from the system. This option also allows you to select individual datasources and time ranges.
3. The third option is the ‘Reports’ section. From here you can schedule an export data report that can send the raw data to your mailbox at a specified time and date.
• The advanced view is only available on the Main Incomer datasources for Electricity. Further to that, it is only available on this Datasource when both the kWh and the kVArh loads are monitored. By combining these loads, the Advisor software is able to display interesting statistics and usage values such as the MIC values and % of use over a specified time period.

If you wish to have this monitored, please contact a member of the ResourceKraft team.

• Yes! If you notice something in a Dataviewer graph, you can make a note of it to document the irregularity. Just under the graph next to the heat map option, you can click Enter Note. Record the date, time and description and the note will stick itself onto the graph where you and other co-workers can see it. You will also be able to see any notes that have been made under the Events section of the top menu bar.

General Questions

• Explore your Dataviewer to find out more about its functionality. Watch this tutorial to find our more.
• If you don’t like your Datasource names, you have the power to change them as you please.
• Try creating a virtual Datasource or two. By adding or subtracting real Datasources, you can create new ones without having to physically metering them.
• Perhaps some extra users on the system might be useful, this way you can have a larger team collaborate with you on projects.
• Should you ever need to do any of the above, check out this great tutorial for the Setup section of Advisor.
• Next time we will discuss some ideas on automating the system
• I hear people say, I need the system to help me. I don’t have much time and it would be great if the system would just show me where my site(s) are going wrong and what datasources I should be looking at. I’d love to get this sort of information at a certain time every single week. Check out the following video tutorial on Reports, if you’ve not seen it already
• Notes are an excellent way of keeping track of noteworthy areas of concern on your data viewer. If you notice a spike in usage today, find out what that spike was e.g. extra production; you can then enter a note for that day and time into Advisor, directly onto your data viewer. This is highlighted in our Data viewer video tutorial as discussed in Part 1 of this question. Over time your notes will build up and you may even begin to find trends between them, telling you that something may need to change on site as this issue continues to occur. Notes can also be tracked via the Events log, which we will discuss in our next question
Some simple steps you can take to ensure that you won’t have connectivity issues are as follows:
• Ensure your browser is at least Internet Explorer 9 or above, Firefox 4 or above, Google Chrome 12 or above, Safari 5.0 or above
• Try to reset your cookies on your browser as it may need to be refreshed. Examples on how to do this for Chrome and Firefox can be found here and also here
• Close and re open your browser
• Failing the above please contact:
• What may happen in this event is that a data logger on site is experiencing network connectivity issues. The logger will continue to log data as normal but will not transmit it’s collected data until it can get back on the GSM network
• Alternatively what may happen is that something has happened on site. This may mean that an electrical breaker has tripped and somebody needs to check that the device or data logging panel still has power. Once power is restored, the data logger functions as normal. This is an unusual occurrence but happens from time to time for various reasons, accidental or otherwise
• If data has not transmitted for over 24hours, you will hear from the ResourceKraft support team, alerting you to a potential issue on site
• Your annual subscription covers the following:
• System software upgrades
• Online and offline support
• Access to scheduled monthly online training
• Tariff Updates – Limited to two per year
• Should you ever need to contact ResourceKraft support you can do so by clicking the handy support tab which is located on the left side of every screen within Advisor, or else you can directly
• Get in touch with our support team and let us know of your concern
• It is most likely a simple case of an outdated tariff on the system, in which case you can send us your most recent bill or tariff from your utility supplier and we will update this for you on the system
• Often utility tariffs are multi line, so to save you the pain of inputting this yourself, we do it for you.
• Once tariffs are up to date accurate costing should be displayed on the system
• We can supply information to be displayed in a dashboard format. This information can be customised to suit the needs of your business. We can display anything from very simple energy consumption information to more in-depth technical detail about a specific area of your site and its energy consumption. Some of our customers have reported on their successful use of dashboards here:
• If you wish to know more please contact
• Yes, you will, provided that you have scheduled your reports to arrive. This can be done via the setup of scheduled Reports in the “Reports” section of Advisor
• Please take a screenshot of the issue and send it to Along with the screenshot, you should also tell us what you were trying to do when you came across the error message. From here our support team will be able to help you out.
• If you have any questions about Advisor or your account that are not already answered on this page, feel free to send in a ticket to our Support desk. By clicking the support bar on the left side of your Advisor screen, you can ask our employees about any inquiries you have. We will email you back and help solve any problems you may be having with the site.