Real-Time Power Quality Analysis Software Solution

Resolve Power Quality saves time and money by prolonging equipment life, increasing factory uptime and enhancing safety and helping you avoid utility MIC charges.

Resolve Power Quality Software


Good power quality prolongs equipment life, increases uptime and enhances safety and compliance - saving you time and money. Power quality issues, on the other hand, can damage equipment, cause downtime and increasing your utility bills resulting in a drain on your organisations bottom line.

ResourceKraft Resolve is designed specifically to analyse power quality in a precise and scalable manner, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. ResourceKraft Resolve is power quality is made simple. Resolve is designed to streamline power quality monitoring enabling real-time remote analysis.

Resolve allows engineers to view ultraprecise results immediately and remotely from the convenience of a web or mobile device. This enables the engineers to identigy issues quickly and easily, saving valuable time and money.

Monitor Power Quality can prolong equipment life, reduce utility bills and increase uptime

Poor Power Quality in Numbers.

€150 Billion

Total annual cost to EU business due to Power Quality issues*


Power Quality disturbances generated inside facility**


Annual turnover in industry caused by poor Power Quality*

*LPQI Survey **EPRI Survey

Why is Power Quality Monitoring Important?

Plant management know that poor power quality is hard to identify without the right tools and it can show up in a myriad of places in your manufacturing plant.The cause of a majority of motor failures is power quality problems. Poor power quality can damage variable speed drives, process controllers, PLCs, and generate massive utility bill charges. Stop replacing failed motors, dealing with factory down-time and paying additional utility charges without resolving the underlying root cause.

ResourceKraft Resolve Power Quality Monitoring reports on kW, kWh, kVar, amps, Power Factor, Harmonic Distortion, Sags and Swells, Frequency Variation and much more. Resolve is a scalable, web-based power quality analysis and real-time metering system for the enterprise. It allows you to view ultra-precise results immediately from the convenience of your mobile or desktop device.

It has the ability to query millions of power quality events across your whole estate in just seconds. It records every type of AC power disturbance including 4 MHz sampling of impulses—Class A certified, ultra-precise revenue-grade energy meter.

ResourceKraft Resolve uses ResourceKraft Canary hardware with Virtual private network over Mobile Phone Networks resulting in enhanced security levels.

    Resolve Real-Time Power Quality Dashboards

    Resolve is a real-time, web-based power quality monitoring system for enterprise.

    It provides organisations with many benefits, particularly when compared with traditional handheld devices, such as:

    • View ultra-precise event data live from the convenience of your mobile device.

    • Query millions of Power Quality events across your whole estate in just seconds.

    • Quickly identify issues without the need for pre-defined, lengthy sampling periods, allowing speedy remediation that saves time, money and potential equipment downtime.

    • Cycling loads coupled with real-time mobile monitoring, while surveying a facility, allows fast identification of troublesome equipment.

    • Verify data integrity from first install, as corrupt data, incorrect connections or settings are immediately visible via the software, saving valuable time and effort.

    • Refine hardware thresholds remotely without the need for site visits, shutdowns or Live Works Permits.

    • Get true insight into site power quality events with high resolution sampling of over 500 samples/cycle.

    • Save money by mitigating excess MIC charges with automated load shedding option.

    Features & Benefits

    • Web-based Power Quality analysis and real-time metering system for the enterprise.

    • Supports the deployment of between 1 and 1,000 high-end power quality analysers, at multiple locations in your business.

    • Report on kW, kVar, kWh, amps, PF, harmonics and much more.

    • All communications via secure 4G LTE independent of your IT infrastructure.

    • Share the data across your organisation with multiple logins.

    • Product reports conforming to EN 50160.

    Resolve records more than AC power

    ResourceKraft Resolve goes beyond just AC power too. It can potentially record environmental data, such as:



    & Barometric Pressure


    3 Axis




    Fuel Levels

    Water Flow

    • Transformer Performance
      • Monitor both the Primary & Secondary of a transformer and graph over time.
    • Transformer Deterioration
      • Monitor Operating Temperature (Overloading can cause high temperatures while low temperatures could be indicative of oil leaks).
      • Prevent unplanned maintenance/outages with planner interventions.
    • Transformer Environment
      • Monitor external temperature, humidity and vibration which may be caused by poor/loose internal or external connections.


    • Monitor up to two three-phase loads, or eight single-phase loads.

    • Connects directly to voltages up to 690V.

    • Certified for Class A power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3.

    • Computes 4-quadrant ANSI Class 0.2 revenue–grade energy on eight single-phase channels.

    • Detects and records high-frequency impulses at 4MHz.

    • Measures in real-time and records 2kHz ~ 150kHz emissions.

    • Product reports conforming to EN 50160.

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