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ResourceKraft has leading experience in turnkey energy monitoring solutions. We have decades of experience in complex environmental metering installation. Each client has different specifications when seeking an energy metering solution. ResourceKraft installs customised energy metering systems based on your needs.  We can offer equipment for electrical energy metering or provide meters that monitor gas, water, oil, carbon, humidity and environmental sensors, depending on your requirements. We can supply, integrate and install energy metering equipment for new constructions or retrofit solutions.

ResourceKraft provides a comprehensive energy metering solution which includes the design and installation of electrical and communication systems, and configuring EMS software, in addition to providing training and support. Our sales team can visit your site to assess your needs and recommend appropriate metering solutions.

To learn more about the Energy Metering System Survey or to book it, contact us today. Our clients include universities, pharmaceutical and large-scale manufacturing companies, multi-site retailers and those in the utility sector. Check out our case studies section for other testimonials and documented results.

Panel Installation:

DIN Rail & Cabinet Installation:

Our metering systems are designed to be flexible and modular and are capable of being integrated with both existing metering systems and BMS systems. We handle all the difficult installation and configuration of the communications and metering software. You can choose between panel-mounted or din rail-mounted meters.

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Energy Monitoring Solutions

When deciding on complex energy monitoring systems and sustainability management, customers want a full turnkey service.

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High Density

Electrical Submetering Equipment for Building Management Systems (BMS) minimizing the need for live works on installation and lifetime O&M
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Power Quality

PQube 3 is simply the best power monitor and real-time sensor you can buy. Easy to install, easy to use! Delivers ultra-precise results immediately to your inbox.
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