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Architectural & Metal Systems
energy management

energy management


Architectural & Metal Systems (AMS), based in Little Island, began trading in 1990. Since then they have increased their warehouse capacity from 3,500 sq. ft. to 167,000 sq. ft. Their investment in the latest technology and training has led AMS to become one of the market leaders in the design, supply and manufacture of high performance facade solutions.


`123AMS was approached by ResourceKraft back in 2011 at the perfect time to advise on energy management. They had bought a new extruder machine for their site in Little Island, Cork and one of their biggest challenges was the huge amount of energy that the machine was using, which had greatly increased their overall energy usage. AMS were in the dark as far as the machine’s performance was concerned and they were eager to find out how they could use it more efficiently. ResourceKraft enlightened AMS as to where the inefficiency lay by offering a turn-key software and hardware energy management solution. The ResourceKraft engineering team installed energy meters on site to monitor the extruder and review its performance. With a total of 27 meters on site along with Advisor’s real-time data, AMS has successfully monitored and managed their energy use as well as noticing a great reduction in the company’s overall energy spend.


AMS is currently using the ResourceKraft Advisor software for the day-to-day energy management and their electrical and gas use. They particularly use it to issue scheduled reports on a weekly basis to look at the previous week’s energy use (both gas and electricity). The automated reports are subsequently used in AMS’ regression analysis for their Energy Performance Indicator graphs (EnPIs).

  • Advisor helps the team with identifying the company’s Significant Energy Users (SEUs)
  • Prioritise the areas they want or need to focus on in order to reduce their energy consumption
  • AMS have carried out a number of projects with the intuitive support from the software – from LED lighting upgrades to motor VSD installations.

energy management

Report Card:

This was invaluable especially in relation to the LED lighting upgrade in their extrusion plant – without it AMS would not have been able to approximate a payback period and verify the actual payback at the end of the project.

“We were definitively able to prove to lighting consultants that the company was using less energy (on an annual basis) than what they were claiming based on engineering calculations.

AMS’ main efforts are concentrated on energy management and efficiency with the ability of maintaining a sustainable economic growth. The company’s energy management and efficiency projects don’t stop here. ResourceKraft is delighted and proud to be part of AMS’ successful journey towards sustainability.

The whole system has enabled us to carry out our own in-house measurement and verification with regard to the projects we have completed.”Carlos Sullivan - Energy & Environmental Supervisor

ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Analytics

ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Analytics

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