Advisor Energy Systems: Remote Monitoring

Covid-19 has restricted the free movement of people in the workplace. Restricted access to site areas is required to maintain health and safety standards.

Advisor Subscription Benefit Feature

ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Monitoring System enables you to extend your team's remote work opportunities. Advisor monitors equipment and displays its performance through online analytics software.

Advisor ensures that systems are still running in hard to reach areas of the plant and across multi-sites simultaneously. It increases job productivity and fault response times. Your energy manager can focus on getting their jobs done and less time on travel and manual meter reads. Remote monitoring reduces the sterilisation costs and contamination risks in Covid restricted locations.


SMS or email alerts can notify designated team members immediately if your unit exceeds a max threshold or hits zero consumption during hours and durations of your choice.


ResourceKraft Advisor has a public display dashboard mode that shows KPI's so the team can see their lines consumption and performance figures.

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