RESOLVE Power Quality: Remote Monitoring Covid-19 & Brexit

Access to production facilities in a Covid era can be restrictive and slow. You can’t afford downtime and the head-ache of delayed service. Additionally, Brexit has complicated access to replacement parts.

Resolve Power Quality Remote Monitoring Covid-19

ResourceKraft Resolve prevents expensive equipment problems before they occur. Resolve monitors for dirty power entering your facility. Dirty power causes transient voltage and current variations in the waveform that cause imbalances in power quality. Resolve software allows you to remotely examine swells, sags, harmonic, power factor and more.


The hardware is a single box, and CT's that can be installed easily by your plant engineers. We provide all the manuals, training videos and certification needed to answer all your questions. You don't have to worry about 3rd party engineers accessing your facility. So you can schedule and customise the install your way.



Resolve will sample your power quality every 0.5ms and instantly alert you when it finds an error. Resolve prevents expensive damage occurring to equipment and costly downtime - alerting you exactly where and what you need to do to prevent equipment damage.


Power costly quality issues are easy to identify and diagnose through Resolves dashboards. Remote energy managers, plant managers and operations team with logins can monitor voltage imbalances, sags, swells, kW, kWh, kVar, amps and much more.

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Resolve analyses in 0.5ms increments for sags preventing expensive damage. A voltage sag happens when the voltage decreases between 10 and 90% of nominal voltage for one-half cycle to one minute. Sags are usually the result of heavy load startups. Large motors or HVAC unit startups connected to the same internal power distribution line in the facility can be the causes of sags.


Swells are hard to detect without effective instrumentation such as Resolve. Swells can show up as flickering lights and damage insulation and semiconductor damage. Resolve instantly discovers these overvoltages preventing catastrophic issues.


Poor harmonics cause reduced motor and capacitor life. It can come from the utility and other sub-systems within your facilities, such as variable frequency drives and power converters. Resolve power quality will detect harmonic distortions and the instantaneous peak value of the wave peak. This will identify distortions occurring throughout the facility so you can prevent them from doing damage to the equipment affected.


Low power factor results in device inefficiencies. Resolve monitors power factor and charts and alerts users of low power factor.

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