Self-Install Energy Monitoring Equipment

With the lingering effect of Covid-19 feeding into 2021/22. Access to plant facilities is highly restricted. No company wants to risk production due to Covid-19 outbreaks. Allowing random engineers on-site is more complicated and delays on-site upgrades. However, technology and work practices are adapting and finding opportunities in the challenges.

Self-Install Canary Feature

At ResourceKraft we have been designing, developing and installing turn-key energy solutions for over ten years. We have streamlined our installation training process to offer customers self-install systems directly.

Plant engineers can purchase our products and learn how to install them through relevant videos, manuals and certification training on our education platform.

Self-installation allows you to continue innovating your work practices at your pace and increase your digital plant control procedures - whilst lowering your costs.

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Key benefits of ResourceKraft training and self-install

  • An affordable, low-cost initial investment
  • Complete control of installation schedule
  • No need for an external engineer to access restricted Covid facilities
  • Valuable training for your plant engineering team
  • A greater sense of knowledge of the system's capabilities
  • More significant and longer-lasting engagement with the product
  • Additional training on identifying substantial energy savings opportunities

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