We untangle the world’s grids

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We solve the biggest challenge in the industry

We solve the biggest challenge in the industry

Electricity grids are some of the most complex systems ever invented. Serving millions of homes and businesses across thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines, they’re an incredible tangle of electron flows.

ResourceKraft GridAlign is a suite of software, hardware, processes and know how to help grid operators, utilities and energy traders manage and exploit the data associated with that tangle.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Collect the Data...in Real Time

    Our systems analyse electricity grids thousands of times a second, using a network of state-of-the-art data acquisition systems.

  • Store the Data

    Our systems leverage the latest in Big Data technology, specifically Time Series DataBase systems to store the data acquired so that it can be retrieved and analyzed

  • Analyse the Data

    We use high-speed big data analysis systems to slice and dice the data to provides key insights, often in real-time

  • Visualize the Data

    Our visualization systems allow you to navigate through the terabytes of data collected

  • Take Action

    Our event detection technology identifies issues almost instantaneously so that you can take action manually or automatically

How can you use GridAlign?


  • Visualisation of positions
  • Optimised bidding strategies
  • Identification of pertinent grid events in near-real time

System Services

  • Demand Response and Load Control
  • Frequency Monitoring and Frequency Response
  • Phasor Monitoring Unit (PMU) integration


  • Custom applications and apps for engagement of customers in energy efficiency programs
  • Visualisation of customers energy usage, car charging, PV production and payback from deployed energy efficiency measures
  • Application of “Nudge” and other behavioural concepts through apps

  • Energy monitoring
  • Automation of novel energy-related business models such as Lighting as a Service (LaaS)
  • EV charge control for infrastructure protection, grid services, and more
  • Automated identification of grid events, transients, etc.
  • Management of data from Phasor Monitoring Units (PMUs) and similar system

Our Delivery Model

Since grids differ worldwide, This then drives the delivery of the solution.
Typically senior engineers from our FullStack Energy services arm,This then drives the delivery of the solution.
Commercial terms usually involve This then drives the delivery of the solution.

Relevant Projects

Advisor Energy Management System (2007-Ongoing)

Market leading, cloud-delivered energy management system for ResourceKraft. Now in its third major iteration. Supports constant feeds from thousands of customers and sites worldwide. 

Low Cost Cellular Data Acquisition System

Low cost, highly reliable embedded data acquisition and control system for energy applications. Can acquire data and control devices via MODBUS slaves and GPIO digital inputs and outputs. Cloud access via cellular networks. Now in its third major iteration.

Low Cost Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems

Low cost, highly reliable embedded data acquisition systems for energy applications including energy usage, data acquisition and demand response. Can acquire data from MODBUS slaves and GPIO. Engineered in Linux and headless Java.

Custom Embedded Data Acquisition System for US Energy Market

Utilizes low-cost ARM-based board with Yocto Linux distro. Interfaced with EnOcean wireless technology as well as MODBUS and other serial protocols. Securely collects premise side data and communicates to secure cloud servers using MQTT and other custom protocols.

Automated M+V System for

Developed full stack including custom wireless sensors, custom embedded data acquisition platform and AWS-based processing system capable of managing all aspects of the customer lifecycle from initial audit of new customers right through to automated generation and dispatch of monthly bills. The stack supports M+V (Measurement and Verification) of retrofitted energy-efficiency measures as well as a Lighting as a Service (LaaS) business model. The system leverages the following technologies amongst others: AWS, ReactJS, Angular JS, dot.NET, python, django and several IoT-related technologies

Custom Metering and Energy Data Acquisition System for Government Agency (2013)

Developed low cost metering and data acquisition using custom firmware and off the shelf components. There was a requirement to ensure that the system remained compatible with the protocols that were deployed on legacy data acquisition systems. Systems are now deployed widely across Ireland.

Energy Monitoring System for Very Large Supermarket Chain

Web-based energy monitoring system for very large European supermarket chain (thousands of stores). Ingests data on electricity and resource usage from various third-party sources. Provides real time viewing and reporting facilities.

Energy Use Prediction Algorithm (2015)

An algorithm to predict a circuits energy usage in 15-minute segments for up to 3 hours into the future. This algorithm was deployed in response to a customer need to understand the likely positive financial impact of shedding large industrial loads for short periods at short notice.

Community-based Energy Management Platform

Incorporates monitoring, trading and control of assets (loads, solar PV, EVs, etc), customer engagement, etc;

Electric Vehicle Charging Control (2019-Ongoing)

OCPP-compatible system to permit aggregated control of EV charging for purposes of demand response and grid services. Currently in trials with a V2G solution optimising for time of use and next generation grid services. OpenADR compatibility is planned.


Our Customers

We’re proud to work with large energy users across the following sectors:
education, commercial, industrial, medical, government agencies and utilities. Here are just a few:

Technical Partners: