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Spending a five-figure sum on energy every month?
Let ResourceKraft’s Energy Management System help your business to control your energy costs today.

    • Gain valuable insights: Granular visibility into the energy used across multiple sites, including distinct processing facilities.
    • Optimise Equipment Reliability & Effectiveness: Ensure key processing equipment is running efficiently with real time text/email alerts highlighting unusual consumption values.
    • Leverage Existing Infrastructure: Integrate with existing hardware and/or systems such as SCADA.
    • Comply with Policies & Regulatory Frameworks: Meet energy-related commitments like ISO 50001.
    • Improve the Bottom Line: Forecast expected consumption and related costs of each process, taking variable factors, such as temperature, into account.
    • Engage all Stakeholders: Create energy awareness among all staff with visual dashboards that illustrate energy consumption and savings.

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Case Studies:

See how our customers, across multiple sectors, use ResourceKraft’s Energy Management System.


Our Customers

We’re proud to work with large energy users across the following sectors:
education, commercial, industrial, medical, government agencies and utilities. Here are just a few:

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