ResourceKraft’s Resolve Captures Impact of ESB Outage in Longford

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Yesterday afternoon, Longford town was hit by a major power outage affecting over four thousand customers in the area.

ResourceKraft’s Resolve Power Quality Monitoring software recorded this outage and its impact on our customer there. As can be seen from the images below, while factory production didn’t stop there was an obvious and drastic reduction in power consumption at the time of the event. Phase Voltage plummeted to nearly 200V (179V over a ½ cycle) which explains why robotics and automated processes came to a halt and had to be manually restarted on-site, limiting production.

These types of outages can have major implications for businesses in terms of wasted product, damage to machinery and general production inefficiencies. In fact, it is estimated, that power quality problems cost industry and commerce in the EU about €10 billion per annum.*

Instantaneous and unexpected RMS voltage drop (UTC time 15:55)
A more granular view shows the RMS 1/2 cycle voltage dropped even further
This shows a 0.2 MW unexpected loss in production

If your business has experienced these issues before, come talk to ResourceKraft about Resolve, our remote power quality monitoring solution allowing you to remotely track and manage the quality of the power coming to your site. For more information on Resolve click here:

*Source: Chapman. (2001). The Cost of Poor Power Quality. Brussels: Copper Development Association.

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