Recruiting SSIS & AWS

Recruiting – SQL Server Integration Services & AWS

Martin Leenane Careers with ResourceKraft - Energy Industry, News & Updates

ResourceKraft develops incredible web-based systems and applications which help businesses save millions on energy costs. ResourceKraft is now looking for a talented Business Intelligence BI Professional to round out our product development team.  The candidate must have excellent AWS, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services SSIS, general SQL & Python skills. The role is suited to someone with at least 4+ …

Recruiting – Senior .NET, AWS Developer

Martin Leenane Careers with ResourceKraft - Energy Industry, News & Updates

Get at the forefront of bleeding-edge AWS Cloud platform, .NET Frameworks & Typescript technologies. Develop responsive, instantly scalable & intelligently configurable applications. Use the best-of-breed automated dev-ops tools and technologies.   Build a better planet – lead the world in carbon-neutral innovation. ResourceKraft is recruiting a Senior .Net developer to work on state-of-the-art energy management systems for large national utilities. Save …

Self-Install Facilities Remote Monitoring Covid-19 & Brexit

Self-Install Energy Monitoring Equipment

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With the lingering effect of Covid-19 feeding into 2021/22. Access to plant facilities is highly restricted. No company wants to risk production due to Covid-19 outbreaks. Allowing random engineers on-site is more complicated and delays on-site upgrades. However, technology and work practices are adapting and finding opportunities in the challenges.At ResourceKraft we have been designing, developing and installing turn-key energy …

Resolve Power Quality Remote Monitoring Covid-19

RESOLVE Power Quality: Remote Monitoring Covid-19 & Brexit

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Access to production facilities in a Covid era can be restrictive and slow. You can’t afford downtime and the head-ache of delayed service. Additionally, Brexit has complicated access to replacement parts. ResourceKraft Resolve prevents expensive equipment problems before they occur. Resolve monitors for dirty power entering your facility. Dirty power causes transient voltage and current variations in the waveform that …

Advisor Energy Systems Remote Monitoring Covid-19 & Brexit

Advisor Energy Systems: Remote Monitoring

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Covid-19 has restricted the free movement of people in the workplace. Restricted access to site areas is required to maintain health and safety standards. ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Monitoring System enables you to extend your team’s remote work opportunities. Advisor monitors equipment and displays its performance through online analytics software. Advisor ensures that systems are still running in hard to reach …

Resolve Power Quality Mission Critical Equipment Covid-19 & Brexit

Resolve Power Quality: Protect Mission Critical Equipment

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Controlling production and maintenance is essential in the Covid & Brexit era. Components can be hard to source quickly. Access to Covid restricted facilities is complicating and slowing service. Organisations can’t afford disruption from motor burnout and controller downtime.Many plant engineers and managers only look at fixing the symptom – the broken hardware. They don’t have the data to identify …

Recruiting – IOT/Linux Applications Engineer

Martin Leenane Careers with ResourceKraft - Energy Industry, News & Updates

ResourceKraft develops incredible web-based systems and applications which help businesses save millions on energy costs. Its embedded devices are currently running at thousands of locations worldwide. ResourceKraft is now recruiting a passionate Internet of Things (IoT)/Linux Applications Engineer to work either at its Limerick offices, or remotely. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing multiple embedded systems that will …

The Carbon Tax Increase: What You Should Know

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Carbon Tax increase The Carbon Tax was introduced a number of years ago in order to reduce people’s reliance on fossil fuels for everyday things. The logic is if fossil fuels are more expensive people will find more ways of reducing their need for them. The tax before the 8th October 2019 was €20 per tonne of CO2 emitted. This …

Irish Water Announce New System for Non-Domestic Water Charges

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It has recently been announced by Irish water that there will be changes in water charges for Non-Domestic Customers. At present, there is a varying range of non-domestic tariff levels, tariff categories, methodologies, applications, billing arrangements and billing cycles across the country.  Under the current system, charges are complex, not transparent and potentially inequitable. The proposed, new system introduces harmonised …

Cork County Council Case Study

ResourceKraft helps Cork County Council achieve ISO 50001 certification

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Cork County Council was the first local authority to achieve ISO 50001 Certification. The council’s energy portfolio consists of several Significant Energy Users (SEU’s), which includes three directly managed swimming pools and a large county hall building with 17 floors, laboratories and area offices.  Due to the large nature of these SEU’s Cork County Council found it quite difficult to …