Summer/Winter reset

Current Must-Do List for Facility Managers

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The summer/winter reset is upon us again, and companies can now look to set up scheduled reset timers and reprogram their hours of operation. For companies operating in temperate climates, this is the perfect time to take advantage of changing weather conditions and reduce energy waste. Building managers, it is time to re-think the foolish obedience of BMS schedules. Long, …

Carrying out an Energy Site Survey

Carrying Out an Energy Site Survey

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An energy survey is an on-site technical investigation of the supply, use and management of energy which is used to identify energy saving measures. Below is a list of steps in the process of carrying out an energy survey and audit. An energy survey is an on-site technical investigation of the supply, use and management of energy which is used …

Benfords law & Energy Data: The SQL Banner

Benfords Law and Energy Data: The SQL

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I had some folks ask me what SQL query that I used to calculate the first digit frequency distribution in my previous post on Benfords Law. I copied it from this nice post on detecting fraud with Benfords Law. Note that if you have negative numbers or positive floating point numbers less than 1.0, you will get frequencies for the …

Green finalists 2012 awards

Green Awards Finalists 2012

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ResourceKraft is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for The Green Energy Award & The Green Innovation Award at the 2012 Green Awards. There was a huge response to this year’s awards with entries from the highest echelons of Ireland’s Green community. Being shortlisted is a great honor.

ResourceKraft Groom Energy's

ResourceKraft recognised as An industry leader in Groom Energy’s new report

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Dublin – Ireland March 13th – ResourceKraft has been ranked with other selected industry leaders in Groom Energy’s new report “Enterprise Smart Grid and a Corporate Buyer’s Guide to Energy Management software”. Enterprise Smart Grid is the integration of sub-metering, hardware and software by organisations that seek visibility, control and management of their energy consumption. According to Groom Energy’s research, …