The Green Business Fund for SMEs in the UK

The Carbon Trust launched the new Green Business Fund for SMEs in England, Scotland and Wales, providing £7 Million of capital contribution for replacement of the old with new more efficient equipment. The goal of the Green Business Fund is to cut energy costs and boost energy efficiency for those SMEs.

Green Business Fund Feature

The fund is limited to just 15% of a project value up to £10,000, so you will need a plan to find the rest.

What’s of more benefit is the offering of expert advice for the energy opportunity assessments and equipment procurement support. The Carbon Trust will also be running workshops to SMEs from June up until November 2016 to learn how to make the most of the programme. SMEs will be able to learn how to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs. You can register your interest in the workshops by sending an email to

The expectation of the Green Business Fund is to reach over 1000 businesses. The reality is that few SMEs have the attention span or skillset to build equipment upgrade programmes in a piecemeal manner, so it’s going to be very much about if the shoe fits for their existing projects.

Were you to motivate new adoption by SMEs a 100% funding at a project value up to £10,000 would have been a much better proposition.

Carbon Trust advises that an energy management system can typically save an organisation between 5% – 20% in energy costs and significantly reduce energy use by providing real-time and accurate information to those who ultimately control their use.

ResourceKraft Advisor energy management software will help you to achieve your energy goals & targets through a host of tools and features.

    It is an enterprise-grade software platform that supports storage and analysis of large amounts of energy data, safely and securely. The system is completely scalable, capable of handling multiple inputs of meters and sensors across multiple sites as required.

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