Buildings energy performance

Buildings and their energy performance – LEED and BREEAM

Ronan Moriarty Blog, Energy

There are many different methods to assess their energy performance, two of the more popular ones are LEED and BREEAM. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was first developed in North America about 20 years ago, and is now widely used around the world and it is very practical and user friendly as well as being available online. Building …

The American Elections

Clinton Vs Trump: Energy Policies

Catherine Devaney Blog, Energy

With the American Elections less than a month away, the media’s attention has been focused on each of their respective policies once they become president. Their policies differ greatly. This article aims to give a brief outline of the two candidates’ energy policies and where they stand on important environmental issues. Renewable Energy Oil Drilling Clinton opposes Arctic drilling, whereas …

ISO 50001

Happy Birthday to you Mr. ISO 50001

Helene Ljubanic Blog, Energy

A very happy 5th birthday to the ISO 50001 standard! It is not surprising to see that more and more organisations are turning to the ISO 50001 standard to improve their energy efficiency. To date there are more than 7,000 sites worldwide that have achieved the certification. But what is ISO 50001*? ISO 50001 is a voluntary International Standard developed …

battery power

Battery Power is going salty

Ronan Moriarty Blog, Energy

One of the biggest problems faced by renewables is the unreliability of them – when the sun’s not shining, you can’t use it to heat anything. One way to solve this problem on a small scale is to have the turbines charge a battery, and then when there are periods of no wind the battery can take up the slack …

HVAC Energy Efficiency

HVAC Efficiency Tips for your Business

Catherine Devaney Blog, Energy

On average, HVAC systems account for 40% – 60% of a building’s energy consumption. Increasing HVAC efficiency in buildings is critical to reduce detrimental global energy usage impacts, as well as saving your company money by reducing usage costs. So, what exactly is HVAC Efficiency? In basic terms, it means making sure your HVAC equipment is heating and cooling your …

Are Energy Credits Good for Business?

Gerry Swan Energy

Since the first issue of Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency directive, there has always been a carrot for the utilities to get involved and reduce the energy consumption of their customers. There was also a good lead time before the stick of fines are to be applied. The grace period has come to an end. The first set …

Energy Efficiency Tips for Facility Managers

Annalisa Di Pietro Blog, Energy

Many companies spend more than necessary on energy. This is often a result of inefficient equipment or improper operations. Facility managers have a big challenge and responsibility when managing and organising energy usage, reducing waste and cutting costs, while at the same time keeping employees comfortable and safe. If a facility manager knows what to do, he can help his …

Brexit Uk Energy market

Brexit and the UK energy market

Frank Casey Blog, Energy

After a couple of days of reflection on the first consequences of the Brexit vote have materialised. How is this likely to affect the UK energy market? The immediate impact will be the weakness of the pound against the US$. The 14% drop to date has now been reflected directly in the gas price. This steep drop is projected to …

Rising energy costs for NI companies

High risk of rising energy costs for Northern Irish companies

Helene Ljubanic Blog, Energy

On 17th May, the UK’s Department for the Economy (DfE) was looking at a few plans and schemes offering grant funding to help cover the cost of installing domestic energy efficiency measures. The DfE is proposing a new scheme called EnergyWise to replace the current scheme, which is due to close in March 2017. But how is the £8 million …

ResourceKraft partner progarmme

Introducing our Partner Programme

Gerry Swan Blog, Energy

The ResourceKraft Partner Programme (RPP) has been developed to meet the requirements and budget of our resellers and partners.

The benefits of the partner programme are many:

• Obtain more predictive business
• Increase revenue from your existing customers
• Obtain a share of those growing Energy Efficiency budgets
• Become a leader in Energy Efficiency
• Win new customers from your competitors
• Increase your margins