7 Reasons Management System

7 reasons why a BMS isn’t an Energy Management System

Martin Leenane Blog, Energy

BMS are not designed with metering and monitoring in mind, and are not capable of storing large amounts of real-time and historic data. BMS are not designed as a Data Analysis tool, they cannot produce energy monitoring reports, turn energy information into financial information or provide management and operations staff with the energy related feature set. The primary problem with …

Dragonfly BMS & SCADA

Dragonfly and the Implications for Irish Businesses

Liam Relihan Blog, Technical

Yesterday, Liam Relihan, the CTO of ResourceKraft, a Limerick-based supplier of energy management systems warned that Irish businesses and government institutions were vulnerable to an ever larger collection of cyber attackers. He stated that “the Building Management Systems (BMS) and SCADA systems that have been deployed by Irish businesses and government bodies present an increasing attack vector for would-be hackers. …