Commercial Operations Manager

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Reporting to the CEO/CTO, the Commercial Operations Manager has ultimate responsibility for the financial, commercial and operational performance for the Advisor division. This incorporates the management of all aspects of the Advisor division, including inside sales, marketing, account management, operations, and software development.

Responsibilities / Main Tasks:

  • Work closely with the directors/owners to establish clear business goals and objectives.
  • Inspire leadership within the management team to deliver on goals and objectives.
  • Promote a positive culture that is based on team work, cooperation, cross-functional problem solving and a working climate that is conductive to maximising employee morale and performance.
  • Manage the delivery of new energy efficiency projects to customers
    Lead the inside sales team to deliver new business and ensure the business maintains excellent relationships with existing key accounts.
  • Ensure customer requirements, quality goals, service levels and performance standards are achieved.
  • Work closely with the operations team to deliver operational excellence, through the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Work closely with managers, team leaders and departments to develop the necessary skills and competencies for the business to be successful.
  • Ensure the business continues to comply with internal plans, procedures and instructions.
  • Implement appropriate meeting and communication structures that facilitate information sharing, idea generation and employee recognition.

Qualification, Knowledge & Key Competencies:

  • Relevant Degree
  • 5 + years’ experience at a senior management level
  • Ability to manage projects and to be self-sustaining with minimal oversight
  • Ability to work well with all levels of management, colleagues and external contacts to deadlines
    Project Management
  • Process oriented, methodical, people management Track record in:
  • Delivering Business Success;
  • Leading Teams;
  • Implementing Solutions
  • Communication and Presentations
  • Business development and on-boarding new clients

Personal Qualities:

  • A Leader and Strong Team Player; Proactive; Analytical and Results Oriented; Motivated
  • Optimize and oversee operations to ensure efficiency.
  • Lead a team towards effective collaboration and attainment of goals.
  • Undertake sound time management to ensure profitability and keep expenses within budget.
  • Ensure compliance with company’s policies and operational guidelines.
  • Deal with problems by providing creative and practical solutions.
  • Evaluate performance using key metrics and address issues to improve it.

Individuals Should Also Have:

  • Knowledge of performance evaluation metrics and principles.
  • Sound understanding of optimization and standards for success.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities.
  • Strong business acumen with a strategic orientation.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities.

How To Apply:

Please send your curriculum vitae and covering letter to