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Smart Reports: Making Energy Personal

ResourceKraft’s experience in energy management since 2007 has lead us to deep insights in sustaining ENERGY ENGAGEMENT across all channels.

Behavioural Science & Engagement
in Energy Savings:

Our experience has thought us that information & access alone 
do not sustain ENGAGEMENT.

The Engage Energy Platform has been created as a tool to deliver smart reports to employees with a more personalised approach. It generates sophisticated and customised campaigns using different channels such as web, print, email and dashboards. With personalised insights and feedback, a higher number of companies are likely to sustain engagement and change their behaviour from scepticism to collaboration.

Messages are far more engaging when they are bespoke and have precise knowledge of the reader. Concise language that is understandable and has a personality is more likely to be read.

Feedback reinforces continuous performance improvements. Behavioural science has proven to improve both interaction an engagement among employees. Using public dashboards for example will provide users with real-time energy awareness. The ambient/mood element of the dashboard is essential in making energy use subconsciously tangible. So people don’t need to always process it in a cognitive foreground to feel the nudge.

Engage will achieve results in:

* Reducing energy spend
* Investing in other areas with the savings
* Showing exemplary standards
* Showing environmental awareness
* Continuous improvement


Changing Habits:

While information campaigns to reduce energy use may result in increased consumer knowledge, this does not always translate into real energy savings(25) Abrahamse, W, et. al (2005) A review of intervention studies aimed at household energy conservation. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 25: 273-91
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Personalised & Curated Engagement Across all Channels

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