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Lighting HVAC  Enact remote control of environmental equipment

Lighting HVAC

Lighting HVAC can be remotely controlled by EnACT. This web-based management interface enables managers of both single and multi-site organisations to measure and verify the savings generated from energy efficient automated schedules.

Lighting HVAC Energy Controls

Evolution of Controls Technology:

The EnACT web-management interface has been designed to fix these problems. It is inexpensive, easy to install, and has the ability to control not just the equipment in one store, but 100s and 1000s of stores at once.

Managers simply login to the online application and create schedules for days, weeks, months and even years ahead to control Lighting HVAC in the way required.

The Energy Controls Challenge:

Building Automation, Management & SCADA systems are expensive to deploy, difficult to maintain, encounter IT network problems and are normally linked to just one site.

Direct Control:

The most cost effective energy management solution for remote multi-site estates, that delivers a full return on investment within 12 months!

Comprising of web-controlled hardware and software that monitor, control and reduce energy waste in large estates and remote locations.
At a keystroke, managers in multi-site organisations can enforce company policy via remote control and scheduling of significant loads such as lighting, heating, air-conditioning, etc.

Enforcing schedules and rules effectively ensures conformance, while eliminating energy waste from lighting, heating and equipment being left on at night or over the weekends. This control is affected over the GSM network by our local controller Canary DA2, which also monitors energy use in real-time, reporting back to the Advisor web software.

This system provides all the required BMS functionality for small sites at a fraction of the cost. Operators of multi-site organisations can now afford to centrally control their loads with schedules and rules that encompass variability and seasonality.

Multi-site control & scheduling

How it works
Lighting  HVAC  EnACT How it works

  • Easy web-based management interface
  • EnACT connects via Mobile GSM or Ethernet to a Canary module installed on-site and interfaces with your existing equipment
  • An entire property portfolio can be centrally controlled
  • Local overrides via SMS and Smartphone Application can be manually created
  • Similar buildings and equipment can be grouped together to make instant changes
  • Integrates with Advisor: Energy Analytics from ResourceKraft to measure and verify the savings generated from energy efficient schedules
  • Replaces your 1-day and 7-day timeclocks with editable 365- day automated schedules, which can be updated remotel