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ResourceKraft Van Wrap Design

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During the design process, many sketches and a lot of ideas were first put down on paper in the knowing that most of them – if not all – would be scrapped! Even so, this was an essential and vital part of the process to make sure the design would tell a story, convey a message and deliver the information effectively, clearly and directly whilst also keeping in mind ‘clear’ is not the same thing as ‘simple’, as sometimes a complicated drawing can communicate an idea very clearly, and a simple drawing can sometimes be hard to understand.


Inspiration was taken from some 80s retro designs as we felt this look would have more of a classic and humorous appeal. The design of the engineer character was very challenging as we ventured off down many avenues that led away from the story we were trying to portray. Initially the plan was to design three different illustrations for the right, left and back of the van. This was eventually scrapped at an early stage as we felt the overall message would get very confusing. With the story line ‘Conquer Business Energy Costs’ we were trying to portray an out-of-control robot consuming the company’s energy costs but being overpowered and conquered by ResourceKraft’s hero engineer.


For the first design of the RK engineer his hand was open with the intention of him throwing a burst of energy at the robot. At a later stage we decided to give him more of an engineer look by putting a screwdriver in his hand. Most of the time we spent illustrating the engineer was on getting his hands looking correct, which was the hardest part of designing him.

For the robot, avoiding an aggressive forward leaning post was essential as this would have been too overpowering for the brand so we consciously showed him to be leaning back as if the engineer was overpowering him. The thinking behind the overall design or the subliminal message was to draw the person’s eyes in a triangle (three points). The starting point could be at either one of the main design assets, RK logo, engineer or the robot. For instance if the engineer catches your eye when you first look at the RK van design, you are then naturally drawn down to the robot in the factory environment by the engineer pointing his screwdriver at him. Then the robot draws your eyes back up to the RK logo by the very nature of his pose and the direction his eyes are looking.

The project’s main challenges:

Ensuring that the design, vision and company message remained clear.

Making sure the company logo was at the core of the message.

Portraying a visual representation giving instant consumer recognition for ResourceKraft’s public image.

Facilitating every need for ResourceKraft as well as ensuring the design had a consistent message.

Designing this artwork for the company while considering how the design would portray ResourceKraft engineers who would be driving the van.