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After in-depth research with our customers, ResourceKraft developed a stronger, better and faster platform for its energy management software. So it is with great excitement that they are launching a new release of their software (Advisor 10), which will be fully available in May 2016.

Advisor 10 has a new user-focused interface, which gives engineers, finance and operations teams what they need, at the touch of a button. This makes it our fastest and most intuitive platform yet!

The main advantages of Advisor 10 over Advisor 9 is the power of responsive design, giving wider access and availability of information in a format to suit individual users and their role within the organisation.

Organisational Function Perspective – Your data, your way

Organisational Function Perspective (OFP) is the ability for users to obtain and interrogate information which pertains to their role. Advisor 10 gives improved access to meaningful data which is tailored to various stakeholders’ requirements i.e. Finance and Engineering, Facility Management, etc. Users will also have the ability to create their own unique view of their world.

User access and device display

To meet the demands of ever changing technology in the area of mobile devices, ResourceKraft has created Advisor 10 to scale on any device while maintaining its functional usage. This is achieved through the implementation of responsive design.

Faster & better

Advisor 10 introduces a new Application Programming Interface (API) platform allowing a faster and responsive application, which is over eight times faster than current Advisor 9 for page loading, data querying and display.

Road map

  • Project management tool
  • Track projects and record ROI / payback
  • What if Analysis
  • Fuel Equivalencies
  • Improved EmPIs (Energy Management Performance Indicators) and KPIs

Enjoy your new experience!