ASG & ResourceKraft Announce Strategic Partnership for Energy Management in Middle East

Al Sharif Group & ResourceKraft today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to deliver energy monitoring and management solutions to businesses across the Middle East, starting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Al Sharif Group, traditionally focussed on electricity distribution and transmission, recently launched a Renewable Energy Efficiency Services division with a core focus on renewable energy such as solar and wind energy and energy efficiency.  The partnership with ResourceKraft, a global leader in the provision of energy monitoring and management systems, is the perfect fit to fast track ASG’s move into the renewable energy & energy efficiency space. 

Speaking at the announcement today Noor Fadel, Managing Director of ASG’s Renewables & Energy Efficiency Solutions Division said, “ASG are delighted to embark on this journey with a company of the calibre of ResourceKraft.  Saudi Arabia is at the beginning of an energy transformation.  ASG plan to lead the way by leveraging our company’s deep understanding and knowledge of energy, the vast natural resources at our disposal and the technological advancements made around the globe by companies such as ResourceKraft.  We have been working as a team for a while now and look forward to making great strides together in the future energy landscape of Saudi Arabia”

ResourceKraft Director, Frank Casey, added, “We were approached by ASG to provide our expertise in energy related software and hardware development.  The opportunities in the Middle East are vast. By starting at this point, we can learn from the mistakes made in other parts of the world and use better technologies and approaches.  We are very excited to work closely with ASG in bringing energy efficiency and smart grid technologies to their customers”

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