Going Back to School

ResourceKraft is up to the next new innovative move: teaching engineers in the making about energy. We recognize that students trying to get into the energy field need to find a balance between their academic knowledge and real on-site industrial know-how. As such, we now conduct lectures and educational programs at various Universities around the country.

Energy Education Feature

Our lectures begin with an introductory session between ResourceKraft engineers and the educational faculty. Goals of the lectures are defined and an individually tailored plan of action is put into place. From here the introductory session is delivered between a ResourceKraft engineer and the students. This is typically a fun and informative way to get students engaged and excited about industrial energy use and what can be achieved through proper management. A typical course is based on an integration of software and technology tutorials delivered within the lectures. It is fast paced like a real working environment, and aims to show students the whirlwind nature of the industrial realm.

The objectives of these lectures are simple:

• Give students a taste of the industry
• Provide realistic project environments that students will face in the future, based on an array of industry issues from manufacturing, hospitals, to the typical office space
• Most importantly, allow students to understand that being an energy manager is a lot like being a detective –“it is their business to know what other people don’t know”

Perhaps you have no interest in our attempts to further the education of students, because you get a giggle out of watching the look of shock build on the faces of new recruits in your team. Or maybe you would appreciate having a fresh faced employee seemingly prepared rather than scared. Either way, we shall be assisting the educational faculties in preparing future energy experts for the real world.

If you know anyone amongst the educational community that this might help, or would like to have a potential intern of your company attend our lectures, feel free to contact us at sales@resourcekraft.com.

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