Announcing new IoT energy monitoring solutions with VT & Sigfox

Through a partnership with VT, ResourceKraft is now offering Sigfox-enabled energy monitoring solutions and applications, which will give its Irish customers access to simple, low-cost options using this cutting-edge technology.

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ResourceKraft to offer new internet of things energy monitoring solutions with VT and Sigfox

ResourceKraft is a global leader in easy-to-use and cost-effective energy management solutions for businesses, institutions and government agencies. VT operates Ireland’s nationwide Sigfox network, which is dedicated to connecting simple Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the cloud. Together, VT and ResourceKraft will provide Sigfox technology to some of Ireland’s largest organisations.

ResourceKraft’s integration of Sigfox-enabled Adeunis sensors for temperature/humidity monitoring and pulse reading on electricity, water and gas meters will allow companies to monitor their energy usage without complicated installation or maintenance. The sensors will use VT’s Sigfox network to send the data to the cloud. ResourceKraft’s Advisor 10 energy monitoring application will then process and analyse energy data from the Adeunis sensors and convert it into business information, enabling organizations to understand how and where energy is being consumed at any given time across all sites.

The Sigfox network is optimized for simple sensors and devices, providing low-cost, low-energy connectivity for IoT solutions. For example, Adeunis sensors operate on batteries, and can run autonomously for up to 10 years because it takes only a small amount of energy to send information with Sigfox. There are Sigfox networks in 31 countries, and devices can roam seamlessly between them.

“Sigfox connectivity has proven to be an excellent option in the field of energy monitoring”

Mark Bannon, co-founder and CEO of VT.

“ It allows manufacturers to create affordable, autonomous monitoring solutions that can be easily retrofitted onto existing infrastructure, which lowers the barrier for companies to monitor and conserve their energy use. We’re happy to be working with ResourceKraft, which has a wide base of customers that could benefit from this new technology.”

“ The exciting and unique properties that the Sigfox technology offers makes it a compelling proposition for our customers and we are delighted to partner with VT,” said Liam Relihan, founder and CEO/CTO at ResourceKraft.

ResourceKraft will be at the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Energy Show on the 5th and 6th of April to showcase their cost-effective energy management solutions. The show will be held at the RDS, Dublin 4. Make sure to visit ResourceKraft at stands B1 & B2. For more information about the show, visit

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Using Sigfox technology, VT operates Ireland’s first commercial network dedicated to the IoT. The nationwide network was rolled out in partnership with 2rn, which is the engineering arm of RTE. For more information, visit Or connect with us on TwitterTwitter or Facebook


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