Newly Launched: Innovative Solution Changing the Face of Power Quality Monitoring

At the opening of the SEAI Energy Show in the RDS today, ResourceKraft launched their new Power Quality Analysis solution, ResourceKraft Resolve. ResourceKraft’s Resolve is designed to streamline Power Quality monitoring enabling real-time remote analysis.

Resolve Launch

It is estimated Power Quality problems, cost industry and commerce in the EU about €10 billion per annum* making ResourceKraft’s new solution a critical tool for enterprises, in their bid to reduce energy costs.

Speaking at the launch today, CEO Liam Relihan said, “Power Quality issues are becoming a greater concern for our large enterprise customers.  The increasing penetration of non-synchronous renewable energy into the electricity grid is having a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the grid.  This, compounded by modern electrical installations and equipment which can produce their own power quality issues, means customers need a way to easily identify where the problems lie.  Resolve combines cloud-based software with certified power quality measurement hardware providing customers a top-class solution to address this.” 

Head Automation Engineer at ResourceKraft, Tony O’Connor commented, “One of the major difficulties in identifying and resolving power quality issues is that many customers simply don’t know where to begin.  ResourceKraft’s Resolve is designed to allow engineers to view ultra-precise results in real-time from the convenience of a mobile device rather than looking back at data after the fact and missing some critical insights.  We’ve already had great feedback from customers, and we are really excited to see how this new tool will help companies to tackle power quality in a proactive way to save the surprisingly high costs associated with power quality issues.”

This new software builds on ResourceKraft’s history of data acquisition and analytics.  ResourceKraft has been in the energy industry for twelve years providing high end clients such as MSD, Boston Scientific, Thermo King, Analog Devices and more with robust energy management solutions. 

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