ResourceKraft Annual Subscription

The secret behind RK Annual Subscriptions

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One of our core mission is to make sure that our customers are well trained and fully understand our products. The RK Team is constantly improving the experience of their customers by providing top quality customer care as it is an essential part of our business.

We have recruited the best engineers in Ireland and we have a dedicated support team who is always ready to answer the questions you may have on our system.

Please keep in mind that there are no silly questions! We are here to make sure that you are getting the most from Advisor and your energy monitoring system. You can send your queries to

Being a ResourceKraft’s customer means that you have chosen to take the power back into your hands. You do have a say in your energy bills – you CAN manage them and take significant steps to make savings. Your business will thank you for that and please be aware that we will be by your side to achieve those big goals!

Now let’s see what your annual subscription includes:

  • System Upgrades
  • Online & Offline Support
  • Access to scheduled monthly online training
  • Tariff Updates – limited to two per year

Finally we would like to extend our thanks for your continued use and support of our products. We wouldn’t be here without your support…and remember to contact our support team and share your thoughts and experience with us!