The American Elections

Clinton Vs Trump: Energy Policies

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With the American Elections less than a month away, the media’s attention has been focused on each of their respective policies once they become president. Their policies differ greatly. This article aims to give a brief outline of the two candidates’ energy policies and where they stand on important environmental issues.

Renewable Energy

Hillary aims to generate half of America’s electricity from renewable resources by the end of her first term. To achieve this, she plans on launching a $60 billion Clean Energy Challenge. She wants to invest in clean energy research and cut subsidies for oil and gas. An example of this is installing half a billion solar panels by the end of her first term.
Donald plans on increasing fossil fuel production, which he claims will lead to a ‘resurgence in American manufacturing’. He also states it will provide for more Americans jobs.

Oil Drilling

Clinton opposes Arctic drilling, whereas Trump’s ‘America First’ plan will lift most restrictions on oil and gas companies and allow them to drill in both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Climate Change

Hillary will be maintaining the agreements made in the Paris Agreement by investing in clean energy.
Trump stated that he does not support the evidence that climate change is real and plans on undoing the Paris Agreement. Rather than focusing on climate change, Trump said he would rather focus on other environmental issues such as ensuring everyone has access to clean water and developing alternative energy sources.

Coal Power

Hillary says she will invest $30 billion to diversify coal-mining towns. Trump wants to end regulation that effects the growth of the USA’s coal industry.


Clinton aims to reduce gas emissions (set by Paris agreements) by 30% by 2025 and 80% by 2050. Trump stated that within the first 100 days in office he will pull out of the Paris Agreement.