Irish Water Announce New System for Non-Domestic Water Charges

It has recently been announced by Irish water that there will be changes in water charges for Non-Domestic Customers. At present, there is a varying range of non-domestic tariff levels, tariff categories, methodologies, applications, billing arrangements and billing cycles across the country.


Under the current system, charges are complex, not transparent and potentially inequitable.

The proposed, new system introduces harmonised charging arrangements for the supply of water to non-domestic premises and also for removing wastewater from their premises. The creation of this new charging structure is aimed to become consistent with the Governments ‘Water Services Policy Statement 2018-20253’ and to encourage the conservation of water.

There are many benefits to the new ‘Harmonised’ charging structure, such as that the new regime will be simpler and have more transparency than its predecessor. It also claims to have better price stability and equitable charging whereby ‘similar customers will be charged the same amount for using the same service.

The amount you will be charged under the new system will depend on a number of variables:

  • If you have a metered or unmetered connection.
  • Annual water consumption

The impacts of Irish Water’s new pricing regime will be varied across the board. Some users will see their bills be decreased while others may see an increase. However, for those facing an annual bill increase of €750 or greater, a 10% cap will automatically apply if required.

To find out the impact that these changes will have on your business use this calculator created by Irish Water or Contact the ResourceKraft Team Here.

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