ResourceKraft helps Cork County Council achieve ISO 50001 certification

Cork County Council was the first local authority to achieve ISO 50001 Certification. The council’s energy portfolio consists of several Significant Energy Users (SEU’s), which includes three directly managed swimming pools and a large county hall building with 17 floors, laboratories and area offices.

Cork County Council

Due to the large nature of these SEU’s Cork County Council found it quite difficult to gather, measure and manage such a vast portfolio.  

Through a competition process, The Cork County Council Energy Team obtained the services of ResourceKraft to aid them in achieving ISO 50001 certification. With the addition of submetering in all the SEU buildings along with the ResourceKraft Advisor Energy Analytics software, the process of monitoring and managing energy usage was significantly easier than before.  

There were some significant results in doing this, Such as: 

– The automated reports feature in Advisor Energy Analytics system allowed the energy team to report on energy performance indicators and report back to SEU’s on any non-conformance 

– The energy management team could use the baseline data recorded, to develop energy performance indicators.  

Speaking about the benefits and results obtained from using the system Cork County Council’s Senior Executive Engineer said:  

“Having a centralised energy measurement system to analyse and identify opportunities and to do this as efficiently as possible certainly helped Cork County Council achieve ISO50001 certification.” 

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