What is the EXEED Programme? And Where Does ResourceKraft Come in?

EXEED is a certified programme from the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) that applies an Energy Efficient Design Management framework to optimize energy performance and management. The aim of this programme is to help business’s improve energy efficiency and reduce cost.

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A fund of up to €6 million is available for projects delivering best practice in the design, construction and management of buildings for optimum energy efficiency.

Successful applicants will be currently in the design phase of planning capital projects. Those seeking to participate must follow the SEAI EXEED standard and embed energy efficiency measures in the design of their projects. According to the SEAI the grant doesn’t support retrofit projects but rather full asset energy performance.

The EXEED grant support is for:

  • Capital Support of up to €500,000 per asset, per year for continued investment
  • Relevant to major energy upgrade, major renovation, Brownfield and Greenfield investment
  • 30% grant for intensity capital, 50% grant intensity for additional professional services
  • There is an increased support for SMEs and additional 20% for Small and an additional 10% for Medium companies.

EXCEED (Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design) both incentivises and rewards energy efficient businesses for conducting their business in a way that is sustainable for the environment and the community surrounding it. EXEED is applicable to any type of sector, organisation or project; regardless of the size or complexity.

Apply for the EXEED programme here: http://bit.ly/2VYkR7H

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